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A semi-regular round up of the things our fearless leaders can’t stop thinking about…

Jos’ Picks

01. BATH THERAPY From a scent perspective, I’m a slightly sweet woody girl all the way. I just want to feel like I’m hanging out in a misty Northern California redwood forest at all times (and not in concrete-clad Dallas, though Dallas is really a lovely place to live). Made with Japanese hinoki, cedarwood, and Siberian fir oils, this body wash from Wonder Valley is warm, vaguely hippie, and pretty much perfect.

02. FAN GIRL Full disclosure, for the past few months this pretty bamboo and speckled paper fan has been perched atop a stack of books in my house (i.e. it was a purely decorative object), but after attending two recent outdoor events in the Texas heat during which the very thoughtful hostesses provided paper fans so guests could elegantly cool themselves, function quickly trumped form. Let’s just say I now have one of these bad boys tucked into my bag ready for action. It’s hot friends.

03. BUTTONED UP Blazers are my go to for making a jean/tank top situation feel instantly elevated. But I’m trying to mix things up a bit sartorially, so I’m working an oversized white button down into the rotation as an more laid-back alternative to my beloved blazers. Nili Lotan’s Mael oversized shirt is my currently fave. The boxy, slightly wide cut is spot on, and the lightweight cotton poplin is perfect for warmer days.

Sam’ Picks

04. DIVE IN Brooke Noel Morgan's work is wholly immersive. Everything she touches is magic and deeply soulful. We were lucky to spend some good time with this gorgeous spirit in Round Top, and I can vouch for her beautiful aura. For me, looking at Brooke's work, whether it be painting, photography, or interiors, produces a profound sense of calm. I see her in it at every touch and feel fully transported. This shot is from a trip of hers to Montauk, so it hit a special spot in my heart.

05. ESCAPE Like everyone, summer is the time when I have vacation on the brain non-stop. Fortunately, we have landed some pretty incredible work that has taken us to some killer spots as of late... specifically St. Kitts. More news to come, but for now, a quick pic of our site visit that I'm still in awe of.

06. TIME OUT Is it just me, or are we all running so fast? This bell, gifted to me by Jos, is just the thing I need when I'm barely holding it together. Allowing myself to focus on the flame (PS, I love fire and smoke) and ending a meditative moment with a sweet, gorgeous ding is a simply lovely recent ritual. Thank you Jossie.