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A semi-regular round up of the things our fearless leaders can’t stop thinking about…

Sam’s Picks

01. LIGHT IT UP  All about the warm glow… always and forever, and this massive gorgeous bubble lamp just happens to be a little work of art in itself. I'm admittedly in my light sculpture era.

02. ART OBSESSIONS Ed Ruscha every. single. time. I just can't quit you. Recently I was discussing this particular print series by Ruscha with Shop SWOON friend and artist Shayna Fontana last week (also a Ruscha junkie). We are both obsessed with this printing technique. The pulpy texture of the paper and the tactile execution of the work by LA-based print shop Mixografia is so intensely captivating. The handmade paper draws you in, but the proprietary way the printmakers are able to press the graphic into the sheet with such relief, maybe even slightly burnish in some way, is incredible. (ED RUSCHA PICO/SEPULVEDA, 2001 Mixografia print on handmade paper.)

03. ROSY RULES I’m obsessed with red marble at the moment and love both the functionality and flexibility of this pair of rust tables. Matching end tables, rando side table, or paired together for a coffee table… the possibilities are endless. Furniture that can have multiple spots and lives in my home is always a win.

Jos’ Picks

04. ANALOG INSPIRATIONS Between Instagram and Pinterest design is becoming depressingly one note – Everything just looks, well, the same. When in search of something new, I go back to the old for a boost of creative energy; specifically old rooms, beautifully captured in books that I can slowly scrolling necessary. Paper never lets me down.

05. SMOKE SHOW I know, I know, smoking is bad. Full stop. But man sometimes I still want to light up a cigarette and pretend I’m 22. Since I’m not interested in courting cancer and premature aging, I’ll have to settle for using this weighty travertine ashtray as a chic catchall (and a totem of my carefree youth).

06. OLD WORLD I’m itching to work a massive French tapestry into an interiors project. I’d pair it with a huge Noguchi lantern and one of my favorite Gehry Squiggle chairs for the perfect push/pull. Then I’d sit there and stare at it while ashing my Parliament into the aforementioned travertine ashtray (kidding… maybe). This one in designer Giancarlo Valle’s studio is a beauty.