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A semi-regular round up of the things our fearless leaders can’t stop thinking about…

Sam’s Picks

01. WORKS ON PAPER We’ve followed Paul Meyer's work for years (Jos and I were both lucky enough to snag a few of his early paintings that we treasure to this day). Recently we were fortunate enough to acquire some of Paul's works on paper. Much like in his pieces that use construction materials to create deep layers on canvas, he achieves a sense of layering and depth in these tactile compositions.

02. GET AWAY In December, my husband Bret and I visited Paradero in Todos Santos (a.k.a. heaven on earth). Inspired and relaxed at every turn, it was the epitome of unreasonable hospitality. Every detail was architecturally breathtaking, and the sunsets were unreal. 10/10 recommend.

03. HAVE A SEAT Austin-based designer and musician (also our friend) Scott Martin works with local artisans in Central Texas to create beautiful, functional furnishings for his line SEER STUDIO. This stool stole my heart — white oak meets peachy mohair… chef's kiss!

Jos’ Picks

04. CALIFORNIA DREAMING  I grew up in California, and it has left an imprint on me that has influenced my sensibilities in every aspect of my life. Joan Didion is the literary embodiment of my beloved home state. This book by the writer and curator Hilton Als is a beautiful exploration of the visual corollary to Didion’s life.

05. EXTRA FESTIVE Now that my girls are older (and my husband and I aren’t assembling gifts until the wee hours), Christmas Eve feels more like a party. We host a big dinner for family and friends where everyone dresses up and we serve old school things like beef tenderloin and shrimp cocktail. When we’re feeling extra fancy, we set out caviar with crème fraîche and potato chips before dinner. These delicate mother of pearl caviar spoons will be part of this year’s festivities.

06. CURVES ON CURVES Created in 1969 by Frank Gehry after he was hired to give artist Robert Irwin’s studio a quick makeover in preparation for a meeting NASA was hosting there (pause to reflect on how cool that whole situation is), the sculptural cardboard Squiggle Chair is indisputably iconic. It’s also hugely versatile… equally killer in a modern environment and a French chateau.