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Essentials for creating the coziest of cozy zones.

“Nothing feels more rebellious than opting-out.”

In our always online, always in motion, endless to-do list lives, nothing feels more rebellious than opting-out. FOMO is so 2022; we’re now in our “totally fine with missing out” era. Our new M.O. is to stay at home and embrace comfort as much as possible. A perfect evening has us lighting some candles, pouring a cocktail, and plowing our way through a stack of magazines. Who’s in?

All serious nesters have a collection of throws at the ready. We keep a stash of plush, chunky knits for cooler months and gauzy linen ones for when the weather is warmer but we still want to wrap up in something.

Wood bowls, colossal candles, and hand-crafted clay pottery with just the right patina create instant warmth in any room.