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artist spotlight: steven visneau

New York-born, Dallas-based photographer Steven Visneau is drawn to the beauty of quiet, seemingly insignificant moments.

The romance of a person deep in thought, sauntering out of Le Saint-Gervais Cafe, or the split-second that a single pigeon (out of dozens overhead) lands on the hat of a passerby in front of Notre Dame are moments that passers by might miss but Visneau captures. Through his voyeuristic lens, Visneau's street photography captures a romantic and unfettered space in time, whether it be in motion or absolute stillness, with a long beautiful pause — his imagery.

His early years as a drummer in a punk rock band, during which he traveled the world, drew him to document the life that was happening all around him (and admittedly to the fullest) — all on film, all in real time, for years. Bringing that forward to his career as a commercial photographer during the digital age, Visneau returns to celebrate his love, with analog camera still in hand, of the grit and realness that only film can bring; none of it fabricated or tweaked or lit — all of it by chance, luck, fate and good fortune. 

With the release of his new book, La Flâneur: Paris. He focuses on the quixotic city recording and recounting the hodgepodge of stories.