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Shop Talk: devon liedtke

During a sourcing trip in Round Top, Texas, Devon Liedtke's collection of home goods immediately captured our attention. After connecting with Devon and delving into her design ethos, we found ourselves aligned with her vision of simplicity in design.

Devon possesses a remarkable talent for turning everyday objects into extraordinary pieces, by embracing a minimalist sensibility, natural materials, and intricate textures. Her intentionally limited collection of homewares and decorative accessories not only fills spaces but also elevates the essence of craftsmanship. With a dedication to preserving multi-generational craft and offering unique artisanal pieces, Devon's creations seamlessly adapt to diverse environments, infusing each with timeless charm and purposeful design.

Tell us a little about your background.

I am originally from Dallas, so for starters, I’m excited about Swoon’s offerings, and the beauty they’re bringing to the city!

A quick about me - I grew up in Dallas and attended SMU where I studied accounting, and eventually earned my CPA. After a few years in the workforce, I quickly realized that accounting was not for me and that I wanted to explore interior design. I pivoted to attend design programs in both London and Paris, and then returned to Houston to work in various veins within the industry.

Two years ago, we moved to Barcelona, Spain. Call it a midlife crisis, pros and cons to all things in life, but it has allowed a lot of space to get to know ourselves and dreams in our hearts. Combining my business degree and my love for design, I launched my homewares business, Devon Liedtke, designing pieces and working with artisans abroad.

Tell us about your current line and the craftmanship involved.

We describe the range as thoughtful finishing touches - a raku vase with fresh stems, a porcelain cup on the nightstand, and an onyx bowl for salt on the dinner table. Pieces from earthenware to wood and marble all live within the same space. The collection is tonal, textural, organic, meant to be versatile, and above all, intentional. Working closely with European artisans, from ceramicists to woodworkers, we were able to bring multi-generational craft to the forefront of the home.

What/who is currently inspiring you?

Nature, always. It’s spring, so all the beautiful flowers are in bloom. I can’t resist stopping to take a snap.

What do you listen to when you’re working/creating?

Classical music when I need to concentrate or read, but when I am creating, I like so many genres. We love music in our house and have it playing all the time. You will find a lot of variety on our Spotify.

What’s in your “culture queue” (music, books, film, exhibits, etc.)?

Travel. From the architecture in new cities, the history, the cuisine, the museums - I find it all so inspiring.

What’s your favorite city?

Every city has its unique vibe and energy that is special to experience. Last year, we took a family trip to Copenhagen and I really fell in love.

Do you have a go-to outfit/uniform when you work?

My entire wardrobe gravitates towards earth-tones and neutrals, work or not!

Who is your dream collaborator?

My kids. Every day we do something artistic, and I love seeing their creativity and joy through our “collaborations''. One project was a watercolor dragon in preparation for Saint Jordi Day.

What can’t you live without?


What are you most excited about this year?

This year, I am excited-To be more present in the now. To be more authentic to myself. To become a more enlightened mother. To become more inspired in my business and work with more inspiring people. 
To hopefully make a positive impact in some way.