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Everything you need to make your next gathering effortless, chic, and, above all, fun.

“A party without cake is just a meeting.”
– Julia Child

We’re big on entertaining. Dreaming up themes, creating the design, strategizing the menu, fine-tuning the guest list – we love it all. We’ve conjured countless parties and dinners for friends, family, our studio, our clients. Sometimes they’re a little fancy (think loads of candles, some surprise live music, an insanely talented chef), sometimes they’re easy BYOB affairs involving tamales and tacos by a pool, and sometimes they’re wheels off – like the year we filled a front yard with snow and sent hot-chocolate and cookie fortified guests down a homemade tubing hill in inflatable unicorns rafts.

“Take your pleasure seriously..”
– Charles Eames

Good parties involve a little planning, a little spontaneity, and, most importantly, good people. It also doesn’t hurt if you keep a cache of pretty (and useful) things at the ready to set the scene.

A collection of go-to cookbooks ensures you’re never at a loss for what to serve. Our favorites inject a bit of whimsy and irreverence into tried and true recipes.

A high-low moment makes a gathering feel fresh. We love to serve a little tin of caviar and creme fraiche with a bag of classic potato chips as a kick-off to an otherwise low-key affair.