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The remarkable range of work by Eduardo Chillida is executed with a rigorous thread of continuity, yet it contains moments of surprise and delight at every turn.

“I am always trying to do what I don’t know how to do.”

For years, we have been deeply drawn to (and collected) the graphic work of Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida. His techniques and exploration with paper
through etching, collage, and drawing are endlessly inspiring to us.

There are a multitude of wonderful articles about Chillida, his wife of fifty years Pilar, and their eight children. At his core, he was a poet who turned to various ways to express himself throughout his lifetime.

A brief version of his story: After a career as a goalkeeper, Chillida went to school for architecture and ultimately turned to art which lead to a move to Paris. There Chillida was influenced by Picasso (also Spanish) and developed deep friendships with artists like Calder and Miro. It is believed that Richard Serra (a sculptor of similar materials/spirit that the studio has also long admired) visited Chillida at his farmhouse on several occasions.

Chillida's work can be seen all over the world in museums and as public art instillations, but as an incredible tribute, his farmhouse Chillida
Leku has been restored by his son into an open air museum in
Hernani, Gipuzkoa, Spain.