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Shop Talk: autumn sonata

We sat down (at our computer) to chat with Lilli Elias, the woman who has completely elevated our towel game.

Tell us a little about your background.

I am a trained archivist who has been collecting antique and vintage clothing and fabrics since I was in middle school. I live between Europe and the US, and love to research wherever I am. I also have a background in music – I studied music history in undergrad, and initially wanted to become a music archivist.

Tell us a little about your current line.

Autumn Sonata is mostly seasonless. We currently carry towels, meant for the home or the beach, and will be expanding our line to include table linens in the spring. A throughline in all of our products is that all of the prints we use are drawn from archives and antiques, reproduced to mimic the exquisite drawings, weavings and paintings of the original inspiration.

What/who is currently inspiring you?

Mexico City. I am here for the winter and am so impressed by the majesty of the city – the ironwork, the colors, the old windows, stained glass, architecture, food, markets…the list goes on!

What do you listen to when you’re working/creating?

I listen to the online radio station NTS obsessively. My favorite show is Time is Away.

What’s your favorite city?

Completely undecided! In almost every city I visit, I can imagine living there. Los Angeles (for better or worse) will always feel like home.

What’s in your “culture queue” (books, film, exhibits, etc.)?

I have yet to explore many museums in Mexico City – in particular, I am looking forward to visiting the Museo Nacional de Antropología and Museo Franz Mayer.

Do you have a go-to outfit/uniform when you work?

I wish! I mostly work from my home, which is always very cold, so I wear variations of sweaters, puffer jackets and cashmere socks. When I have a meeting, I usually put on some red lipstick to make it appear that I am wearing a real outfit.

What can’t you live without?


What are you most excited about this year?

My favorite part of working on Autumn Sonata has been meeting so many incredible and like-minded people, some of them I am lucky enough to now call friends. I am excited to continue to expand my community in my travels, work and research.